How to choose the best cricket Wear for you

The popularity of cricket is spreading like wildfire with the emergence of T20 tournaments worldwide. However, the game can be dangerous if players do not take suitable precautions. A cricket kit is essential for every cricketer to protect them from any injury. One should focus on the quality of the equipment and allocate a large budget to buy the fitting cricket kit.


After the death of Australian cricketer, Phil Hughes in 2014, the International Cricket Council (ICC) made helmet wearing mandatory for batters. Often, international cricketers are spotted wearing an extra neck guard as well. Investing in a good helmet is essential for complete protection. The helmet should fit perfectly over the eyebrow and ears, even protruding under the head. Also, carefully inspect the inner lining inside for better support and protection. Some advanced helmets have adjustable settings to adjust the position of the net.

Leg and arm protectors

When playing with a leather ball, one does not want his knee, including the lower legs, to be injured. The shin guards are used to protect the knees and the area under them from the impact of a fastball. Getting the right size condom is critical because a giant condom will be an obstacle while running, and a smaller condom may not serve the purpose. While slowing out of fashion, arm guards are still an essential part of a cricket kit to protect your arms from a fastball attack or on rough ground. Choose an armguard that does not obstruct your movements and lets you play your natural shots.

Abdo’s guard

A slave guard or box is used to protect the groin area and is an absolute necessity for batsmen and even field players who approach batsmen. Therefore, choosing a condom that you find comfortable and can wear for more extended periods is essential. There are no pre-set rules or restrictions on the shin and arm protectors. Therefore, the design will differ from one manufacturer to another. For example, the creation of a racquet shin guard’s wings or knee roll will vary across manufacturers.


A chest protector is a device made exclusively for the protection of the chest area and is generally used by amateurs. Most professional cockroaches do not use them because they are known to restrict movement. You can still wear 1 if you feel it can help you play your game without fear of getting hit by the ball.

Thigh guard

Thigh pads are necessary equipment to protect the thighs from serious injury. While sometimes overlooked during training, it is an essential piece of equipment that saves you the day. Choose a thigh pillow made of a luxuriously soft material to prevent discomfort. The perfect thigh guard should fit snugly around your thigh with your skin not bruised by friction.


Gloves are essential equipment because they help protect the hands, especially the wrist, from possible sprains and injuries. The gloves can also provide a firm grip for the cricket bat for a tighter grip and enhance shock absorption while taking shots. Since the leather ball is heavy, investing in a good pair of gloves is a must. When choosing a glove, first of all, determine the type of material. Cotton, nylon, and leather are the three materials widely used in the glove industry. Cotton gloves allow easy movement of the fingers and can be purchased at a relatively lower price. They trap heat for long periods and lack optimal perspiration absorption.


Shoes are an integral part of the cricket collection. Cricket shoes can be selected based on the type of ground one plays on. Shoes with rubber soles are ideal for hard floors because they build good grip. Shooters can choose boots with rubber studs at the front and back with rubber heels for added support around the ankle.

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