How to dress for gymnastics

Don’t know what outfit to wear to gymnastics? Or are you reading this content to your child? I urge you to keep reading because you just found the perfect guide!

A gymnastics coach would like to see what a gymnast would look like when he tried to take off certain body positions, and a coach would not want the athlete’s clothing to be an obstacle.

Most gyms have flexible standards in terms of training clothing, but gymnastics competitions are known to have a strict dress code.

What to wear for the first gymnastics class

You love gymnastics, and you signed up for a class. Or maybe you are a parent, and your child will attend his first class.

Whatever the case may be, the problem is that you don’t know what to wear in your first gym class, or you don’t know what your child should wear.

Age and gender are the main determinants here. However, the appropriate gymnastics clothing for all gymnasts is Leotards.

For one, boys should wear leotards under tights or leggings. However, most girls in a gymnastics class will wear chiffon skirts or socks. In other words, see leotards as verified clothing for gymnastics girls.

You can find beautiful dresses on the Internet. However, it is recommended to wear gymnastic clothing as it will not drag anything and also gives the athlete flexibility with the movements.

Younger gymnasts do well with leotards, but older people like to complement their leotards with gym shorts.

1.     Sports bra

Older gymnasts can wear a regular or sports bra under a Leo for extra support.

2.     Shorts

Shorts are ideal for older gymnasts, too, especially males. Gymnasts can wear shorts over their clothes for added comfort. This will help prevent wardrobe malfunctions such as sagging underwear.

3.     Pulling hair back

No gymnast wants to eat their hair during stunts or pick up their hair on equipment. To avoid this, older gymnasts should pull their hair in a way that does not hinder their performance.

4.     No jewelry or screw

Jewelry and screw are prohibited to all gymnasts of all levels and ages. Older gymnasts should avoid wearing jewelry to gymnastics classes for their safety.

5.     Shirts

Older male gymnasts:  whether teenagers or adults should wear shorts and shirts that do not have buttons, zippers, or buttons for gymnastics lessons.

6.     Barefoot

Socks, shoes, and other footwear are prohibited for gymnasts because they may cause them to slip or fall. Gymnasts must train barefoot.

What to wear for gymnastics for a toddler

Children’s gymnastics clothing is a sensitive topic that must be addressed.

Before we delve into this section, I want you to note two things –

First, gymnastics clothing for girls targets the freedom factor. The freedom factor in the gymnastics world means wearing stretchy tights that support ease of movement.

Secondly, gymnastics clothing for boys should be tight and stretchy for ease of movement like girls. Boys’ clothes are called singles. They have no sleeves and are usually worn with shorts or shorts, depending on the activity.

For ease of scanning, here are the details of what toddlers should wear to gymnastics class:


Gymnastics clothing is perfect for your little gymnast to wear to class. Consider gymnastics underwear when choosing a gown for your child. Young children should be comfortable enough that their diapers or underwear do not get stuck.


Shorts and tops are perfect for young gymnasts. Avoid wearing your gymnast’s clothing with buckles, zippers, or snaps. Clothes containing these can be attached to any of the equipment.

Pulling hair back

You want to ensure your little gymnast’s hair doesn’t cause any obstruction. Make sure their hair is in a bun, ponytail, braid, or any hairstyle that will take their hair off their face.

No jewelry or studs

Don’t let the little gymnast go to class with jewelry, not even earrings. Recent findings have revealed that the buttons can be attached to some gym equipment. You don’t want to risk hurting your child

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