Things to remember before choosing what to wear to a horse race

Before buying a costume for an upcoming horse race, you should keep these essential things in mind. There is no need to make hasty decisions. Not only do you need to wear clothes, headpieces, shoes, and other flashy accessories, but most importantly, you have to look stylish from head to toe. But do not forget to be comfortable while wearing those dresses.

Some of the critical factors to consider before choosing what clothes to wear for a horse race

1.      Dress code

Different horse racing events will have their dress code. Therefore, be sure to research the specific requirements of a dress code before purchasing any dress, shoes, headgear, or accessories.

While this sounds relatively complicated, finding information about the right dress is not as difficult as you think. Usually, if a race requires a strict dress code, they will provide relevant information on the website or letters so you can quickly check-in.

For women, it usually comes down to dress length and head covering requirements. The dress code ensures that all attendees understand the importance of attractive and elegant fashion that is always expected in horse racing.

2.      Season and weather

While this may sound obvious, it’s straightforward to shop for a day at the horse race while gazing at the glamorous dresses and strappy sandals. But, first, it is crucial to dress appropriately for the season and weather. This is because usually have to stand most of the time outdoors at almost all horse races.

For example, in the middle of the summer, lightweight and airy dresses will help you stay more relaxed when exposed to the sun all day. However, the winter racing days need more than a scarf or cashmere scarf, and a good pair of standing shoes will keep you warm when standing outdoors.

3.      Color

Getting dressed up for horse racing is always fun and exciting, and your outfit should also reflect that spirit. Thus, you can consider buying dresses in bright colors or floral patterns. Black is elegant, but it does not seem suitable for such events. If you still want to look stylish, you can consider pink and dark blue. Believe it or not, this outfit will give a distinct look while maintaining a timeless elegance.

White is also the starting point for horse racing. Since you don’t usually wear a white dress on someone’s wedding day, horse races are the time to try out this gorgeous palette by donning a pure white dress and hat.

4.      Re-wears

It is also possible to get lost in what you would like to wear to a horse race when looking for the best outfit to wear that day. This way, you can have just one dress, headpiece, shoes, or accessories from your business before disappearing into your closet.

Therefore, you can always wear the outfit again. But you have to think about where and when you should wear this style because it may be suitable for one race but not the others.

How to Accessorize For Horse Races

This is always a tricky question for many people, both men, and women because they are just as important as your clothes. In some cases, they are more critical.


As mentioned above, headgear is an essential accessory for horse racing fashion. But if you choose the wrong clothes, it can make your appearance very bad. So, make sure you take your time to choose the right hat that matches your outfit and racing dress code.

If you choose the right one, it will add a lot of sparkle to your look. It can be a complete and wide-brimmed hat, elaborate headbands, a witch, etc. It is always an excellent opportunity to wear something elegant and even a statement.

The best clothes tend to share an utterly mismatched color palette. You can also choose a hat that is entirely different from the color of your outfit but make sure it complements it attractively.


If you are attending a full-day horse race, choosing shoes with comfortable heels is essential for long-standing. Open-toe or open-toe sandals are always an excellent choice for summer or spring. On the other hand, you should keep your feet warm. So, covered-toe shoes are a great experience. In addition, you can wear pointed-toe heels for a more elegant and elegant look instead of round shoes with flat soles.

It is always a good idea to try the perfect riding boots before buying them, usually if it’s an expensive pair. Additionally, if you have to deal with foot pain when wearing heels, you can consider purchasing additional cushioning accessories to relieve the pain.

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