Volleyball Training Equipment For Hitters

There are several types of training equipment that can be used by volleyball hitters to improve their skills and technique. Some options include:

  1. Medicine balls: These weighted balls can be used for plyometric exercises to increase power and explosiveness in the hitting motion.
  2. Resistance bands: These elastic bands can be used to provide resistance during hitting drills, helping to build strength and improve technique.
  3. Hitting sleds: These devices allow players to practice their hitting motion without the need for a partner or live set. They can be adjusted to different heights and angles to simulate different sets.
  4. Hitting dummies: These padded mannequins can be used to practice hitting specific shots or techniques, such as line shots or cross-court shots.
  5. Hitting harnesses: These harnesses can be worn around the waist and attached to a bungee cord or other type of resistance device to provide resistance during hitting drills.

It’s important to note that proper technique is key when using any of these training tools, and players should be supervised by a coach or trained instructor when using them.

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  1. Volleyball is a very good game.. And it helps to keep our body fit and flexible. There are many equipments like medicine balls, resistance bands etc which are very helpful to train our players.

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