What to wear for badminton

It should be noted that playing with loose clothing allows you to move freely. Badminton is a sport that requires a lot of twisting, reaching, twisting, and jumping, so wearing apparel and accessories that can bend or flex allows you to move around comfortably.

So, here are the simplest badminton clothes you’ll need:

  • cotton socks
  • A pair of badminton shoes
  • Badminton clothing for men or women
  • Other optional accessories (such as wrist bands, headbands, hair ties, etc.)
  • Now, let’s take a closer look at badminton clothing and equipment!

Nice breathable cotton socks

The first thing you wear in badminton is breathable cotton socks. Hundreds of high socks are available in the market. However, only a few can provide total comfort when having fun while playing.

Many badminton socks are being marketed, although they are not necessary. It’s great to have an excellent brand of thick breathable cotton sports socks.

Badminton shoes

If you are just getting started with badminton and don’t have any badminton shoes? Do not worry; Basketball, squash, or other indoor athletic shoes can be excellent alternatives.

The trainers and running shoes will not provide you with the necessary support and security while playing. In other words: they aren’t supportive enough to protect the ankles, feet, knees, and legs from the shock of jumping and jumping all over badminton. In addition, these shoes don’t have enough traction to keep you from slipping, and they don’t support the ankle to prevent you from twisting and rolling.

Badminton dress for male players

You can dress as you like if you play casually in a community sports facility for fun. But if you join a badminton club in a state league or participate in tournaments, you must adhere to a strict dress code.

There is no doubt that the dress code requires men to wear shorts and a shirt. Furthermore, you cannot wear soccer, rugby, or other sportswear. This is to avoid detracting from badminton, as wearing a soccer jersey advertises a different sport.

Printed shirts may also be subject to restrictions. T-shirts that contain graphics, photographs, or text are most likely prohibited. In addition, some regulations prohibit ads and any inappropriate content in the dress code, such as nudity and offensive language.

The colors and styles of shirts and shorts are subject to very few laws and regulations. Almost all sportswear will comply with any restrictions that may apply.

Remember that the higher the level of the badminton championship, the higher the regulations for wearing badminton. They may be related to sponsorships, title printing on shirts, and even match the color of your teammates’ clothing if you’re playing in a mixed or doubles team.

In general, there is nothing to stress about when you first start badminton, but this is something you should be aware of.

Badminton clothing for female players

We just mentioned the badminton dress code for men. What about the players? Do they have to follow the same regulations as men?

Interestingly, the BWF considered making it necessary for women to wear skirts while playing badminton simultaneously.

Fortunately, they realized their mistake and finished the plan. Women’s dress code is the same as that of men now. Therefore, they can wear the same shirts, shorts, and skirts with the same restrictions.

It’s not a rule of dress as a matter of modesty, but if you wear a badminton skirt, it’s best to wear shorts underneath. Some sportswear companies now offer skirts, which are skirts and shorts connected below, similar to men’s swimming trunks. These clothes are lovely because they eliminate the need for separate shorts and skirts when layering.

Optional Badminton Equipment – Accessories

Sweatbands, bracelets

The wristbands and headbands are not as popular as they used to be, but they can be instrumental while playing badminton. Badminton is a great way to speed up your heartbeat, making your body sweat. Usually, sweating doesn’t cause any problems, but it can sometimes have a negative effect.

Court Mop/Sweeper

It seems a little silly when you think about bringing a mop and the sweeper to the badminton courts. But let’s listen to our explanation.

These are two different pieces of equipment with two distinct functions. First, court squeegees are used to clean the court of any sweat or moisture. Any liquid poses a severe threat to the players on the badminton court.

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