What to wear rock climbing outside

Only three things are essential when deciding whether to wear rock climbing outside—comfort, flexibility, and security. If you plan to wear meets these criteria, it will work well for outdoor rock climbing.

However, we advocate wearing tight and inexpensive clothing as there is plenty of room for wear and tear.

Rock Climbing Safety Equipment You Need

Outdoor rock climbing is an extreme sport that comes with its own set of risks. This is why safety equipment is essential to avoid injuries.


When climbing outdoors, there is a high risk of rockfall, as the rocks in the wall can be loose, brittle, or separate during climbing. Wearing a helmet protects your head and brain from injury.

The rocks can fall from above the climber, or the climber can dislodge the stones from the ground and fall on the white layer. Therefore, wearing a helmet is just as crucial to the climber as to the ventricle that holds the rope at the bottom.

Rockfall is dangerous for everyone – the lead setter, the climber, and even people resting at the bottom of the trail. It’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure they climb safely.


While climbing, you must wear a harness as you are attached to the rope by a climbing rope.

Pulling the belt up so that the waist belt is above your hips so that it holds your hips in place and you cannot slip off of it. The waistband should be snug but not uncomfortably tight.

It will help if you tighten the thigh loops to fit the body. However, they do not have to be as tight as the waist loop.

It would help if you then put any loose straps (either at the waist or thighs) into their safety grommets so no straps are dangling freely in your way while climbing.

Note that because the belt is worn over clothing, we recommend that you wear tighter and lighter clothing when climbing, rather than heavy or loose-fitting clothing.

Outdoor rock climbing clothing

Because outdoor rock climbing is dangerous, dynamic, and challenging, wearing clothing that enhances safety and allows for a wide range of movements is essential.

Women: the upper half

We recommend wearing a sports bra to help with agility and mobility in the upper half, as regular bras can be limited or uncomfortable when doing dynamic movements.

If the weather is going to be friendly, we recommend wearing whatever comfortable and stretchy sweatshirt you have on hand. Remember that when outdoor rock climbing, the surface of the stones can be rough, so your clothing may snag, so it’s best to wear something you’re not particularly interested in.

If the weather is less than optimal, we recommend putting your top half on – so not over a cozy top and a raincoat if the weather demands it.

Women: the lower half

Yoga pants or shorts would be the best choice, depending on the weather. Yoga pants allow for a wide range of motion and should be comfortable. It also means the belt will sit close to the body, which is suitable for safety.

Shorts are good when it’s sunny. However, avoid anything denim or any fashionista. Also, keep in mind that whoever believes you will be staring at you from below all the time, so wear shorts that cover you well!

Men: the upper half

If the weather is nice and also sunny, nothing can stop you from climbing topless; keep in mind that you may scratch, cut or hit the wall as you rise.

A relaxed-fit or long-sleeved shirt is also acceptable if the weather is less than ideal. But know that if you are wearing a long-sleeved shirt, you may tear it when doing dynamic or long-range movements.

As with women, if the weather is bad, wear a fleece or raincoat that fits close to the body and avoid anything with open belts, pockets, or loose pieces to avoid obstacles or catching yourself on a rock.

Men: the lower half

There is a good range of options for what men wear to rock climbing. Shorts are good because they are breathable and allow for a broader range of motion. The only concern is the lack of protection on your knees, but you should be fine if you’re careful.

However, remember that it’s not too loose because your hero will look at you the whole time you’re climbing. Wear underwear

There are specialized climbing pants or jeans that you can wear while rock climbing outdoors. However, nothing can stop you from wearing jogging pants if they are comfortable. Just be sure to attach the strap accordingly if your runners are a little bigger or more flexible.

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