What to Wear to Golf: A Guide to Golf Wear

You do not need to be a fashion icon to enjoy the good game of golf, but knowing what to wear can significantly improve the game. By regulating your temperature and keeping you fit. Not only that, but all golf course has a dress code.

Knowing what to wear to golf can be daunting, especially if you’re a new player. By the end, you’ll know exactly how to find the one that best fits your game. So let’s get into it!

Men’s golf wear

Every golf course has a specific dress code. Some institutions have rules for what to wear, while others follow an unspoken but generally understood standard. If you are finding it hard to build your perfect golf wardrobe, we’ve listed a few essentials to show you where to start.

Trusted hat

Hats have been a part of golf uniforms for many years. It started with the flat cap, which first became popular in the late 19th century.

These days, the style has expanded to baseball caps and bucket hats. Our favorite has always been the cap. It’s a classic look and protects your eyes from the sun while lining up the perfect shot.

Classic Polo

For decades, the polo shirt has been the perfect golfer’s shirt, and for a good reason! They are stylish, sharp, and most importantly, comfortable in most weather conditions.

Thicker than a jersey without feeling restrictive; it feels like it was made for the course. Not to mention the wide variety that already exists. Available in all shades and designs, you can’t go wrong with polo.

Think outerwear

People think golfers play exclusively in the summer, but a survey of 3,500 golfers found that most of the players keep playing even when it rains. So if you’re a year-round player, polo alone won’t cut it.

Windbreakers, woolen jackets, and waterproof jackets are popular choices. The perfect golf jacket ensures your arms are not tied up. You also do not want to wear something too thick and risk overheating.


Jeans are strictly prohibited and prohibited at most golf clubs! So instead, Chinos and khakis are usually the most popular, with plenty of variety available.

It should help if you prioritized comfort and flexibility when looking for golf pants because you will be walking and bending your knees.


Traditionally, golfers would have played with spiked shoes, but they had to be of a particular type. Most courses do not allow the use of metal spikes and require players to wear soft spikes or shoes without prongs instead. Points help hold slippery grass, but metal types can ruin the track.

Women’s golf wear

The dress code for women is a little different, but you still need to prioritize comfort and flexibility over anything else.

Skirts, pants, and dresses

A fashionable choice for many women on the golf course is a selection of skirts, shorts, or dresses. It’s not hard to understand why – they offer maximum flexibility and can be very attractive.

Comfort should be your top priority. Clothing that allows you to move freely is the best option. Skirts and dresses do this perfectly, but shorts can also prove highly effective, especially in hot weather!

Try sleeveless

Men cannot wear sleeveless shirts on the course, but it’s a different story for women. Our tanks allow you to have complete swing flexibility.

You will notice that many women’s golf apparel tends to be a perfect fit. Prevent excess fabric from getting in way, but make sure the clothing is comfortable. If you hold or tie too much, you will get overheated or spoil your shot.

Comfortable pants

Wearing denim on the course is prohibited for both women and men. However, a comfortable pair of chinos, khakis, or cargo may be a perfect choice if you’re not a fan of skirts, shorts, or dresses.

Comfort and maneuverability should be prioritized. After all, golf is a physical sport, whether you’re traveling on the course or making perfect swings.


Many women wear spiked tennis shoes when playing golf because they allow for movement and stability. The boots you shop for should be sporty, flexible, and comfortable.

What should you not wear when playing golf?

Wearing many bright and bold colors is very popular for golf wear. Do not get us wrong, showing a little personality isn’t a crime, but most golfers usually keep that for the logos on their hats.

Besides flashy styles, avoid jeans, metallic rivets, tank tops, and any overly casual or sloppy clothing.

Golf clothing is often elegant and straightforward. Beige, navy, gray, and black are the popular colors in the cycle. The casual business style allows you to blend in on the field and at the club after you’ve completed your tour.

However, the biggest mistake in golf clothing is wearing something uncomfortable.

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